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Thirteen (Tien Len) | Play it online - card games

Thirteen Rules. Thirteen is a shedding card game that's sometimes called the national card game of Vietnam! There it's known as Tiến lên, in English it's known as Thirteen. It's a fairly simple game, but does require some strategy to play it well.

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Danh Bai Tien Len is an offline version completely free, without Internet connection, Wifi can still play. Players can play cards forward anytime, anywhere without having to worry about losing waves, losing lives and recharge the game. Danh Bai Tien Len brings the best experience of going to the south, helping players improve their gambling skills.

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Simulated Gambling. *The No.1 game on iOS - App Store Vietnam, is now available on Windows Phone* Tien len ("Tiến lên") ,considered the national card game of Vietnam , is a game intended and best for 4 players. Free. See System Requirements. Tien Len.

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Players: 4 - 12 Summary. Players take turns to play a card, or a group of cards of the same rank; Players must beat the previous card or group played. A single card can be beaten by any number of higher rank cards.

Vietnamese Card Game - Tien Len (Tiến lên)

TIEN LEN GAME Tien len or "Tiến lên" is a classic Vietnamese card shedding game, now available for your mobile device. IOS and Android Devices.

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Chọn bàn game chơi tiến lên còn trống. Gia nhập nhanh game tiến lên. Nhấp vào nút " Tìm bàn chơi " để đăng nhập nhanh vào bàn chơi tiến lên còn trống. Nếu mở nhiều hơn hệ thống bài tiến lên sẽ hiện ra cảnh báo như sau: Luật chơi bài tiến lên. Chơi theo vòng game tiến lên ...

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Play Tiến Lên, Phỏm, Tứ Sắc, ... Vinagames has all the popular Vietnamese games such as Tiến Lên, Tứ Sắc, Phỏm, Chắn, Xì Tố, Gomoku, Xập Xám, Big2, Đô Mi Nô, Cắt Tê, Xì Dách ... If you do not know how to play these games, you can quickly learn from the instruction links on the menu. Most players here will also ...

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Tiến lên ( Vietnamese: tiến lên, tiến: advance; lên: to go up, up; literally: "go forward"), also known as Vietnamese cards, Thirteen, Poison, Killer 13, Bomb, is a shedding -type card game popular in Vietnam. It is derived from Chinese card games Winner, which uses a specially printed deck of cards, and Big Two.