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Kho Kho 2020’ has features that make it the most dynamic and versatile game in the world of mobile Kho kho. Be prepared for insane fun!! kho kho game is mostly played by kho kho for girls and kho kho boys, kho kho apps ,it is a very easy game, Features of Kho Kho HD Ultimate: •FREE GAME •Amazing 3D animations of Player .

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How To Play The Kho Kho Game. Kho Kho is a traditional Indian game that will give your kids stamina and encourages teamwork. Click here for the Kho Kho game rules and background! Home. Inspire Environmental Play.

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There are certain rules to follow in the game (Credits Epilogue)Kho Kho game is played between 2 teamsNumber of players in Kho Kho: 12. But only 9 of them can compete on the pitch.A standard match encompasses two innings.Each inning will have 9 minutes which includes chasing and running.The chasing team sits or kneels in the middle of the court in a row.

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Kho Kho is played in 2 teams of 12, in a field that measures 27 m by 15 m, but only nine players take the field for a game or contest. A match consists of two innings. An innings consists of chasing and running turns of 7 minutes each.

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Kho Kho is one of the oldest and most popular traditional games of India and subcontinent. It is a contact game like Kabaddi. Unlike Kabaddi, Kho Kho is not a game of catching or tackling one raider by all the defenders in their court, in a period of 30 seconds, so as to prevent him from returning to his court after he touches them.

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Kho Kho Rules & Regulation. Kho Kho Rules & Regulation: Kho Kho is one of the Highly popular and common games in most of the Indian rural locations for a long time now.It is highly recommended for people to try Kho Kho at least once in a lifetime because it allows them to enjoy a strategic game to play without compromising on the health aspects on a regular basis.

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Kho Kho is a game played by 11 players per side in which only 9 players are allowed to play in the field. The game is more popular in the Asian Sub Continent, especially in countries like India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Nepal.

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Kho Kho is a tag game of India. Its origins are as old as Mahabharata, with strategies and tactics likely derived from Mahabharata itself. On the 13th day of the war, the Kaurava Guru Dronacharya planned the unique tactics Chakraviyu a special military defensive strategy breached by the expert warrior Abhimanyu.

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